(UMBRA TURRIS) Secret Garden already in English!

It’s a gloomy night and you can hear the wind howling … somewhere in the distance you can see the glow of lanterns whose orange light looms in the fog. The mesmerising sounds of flutes and bagpipes in the dark arouse fear and remind of the worst nightmares. The Children of King Qabak are coming. Open the book of the Secret Garden and meet those who wander in the fog… 🎃

If you like Dyniaq miniatures and you would like to play them, we have great news for you. An add-on for Umbra Turris skirmish game titled “Secret Garden” is already available to read both in English and Polish 🎃 Read the Secret Garden supplement and learn how to play Dyniaqs in the Umbra Turris Skirmish Game!

Read now (ENG)

Read now (PL)

And if you are a big fan of Dyniaqs, we invite you to try out Dyniaq: Weird Treasures Card Game with your family and friends!

(UMBRA TURRIS) The first Black Knight concept sketches

We have just received a concept sketch of the Black Knight from Tommaso Lucchetti. We are starting works on these miniatures, because they are very important in Umbra Turris Skirmish Game and in our future Battle for Morten project. The Black Knight is a terrifying warrior surrounded by Aura of Death. He drains energy from those around him to strengthen his already terrifying attack. The Aura of Death is so powerful that when the Black Knight dies, he takes Wounds from all enemies around. 💀

These fearless death warriors will soon have their models made by Raffaele Stumpo!

To create a party with the Black Knight and fight other players, it’s worth having this rulebook.

(UMBRA TURRIS) Start to play Gnomes

This is the first starter set for one player, who wants to begin skirmishes in Umbra Turris game. 6 great high quality resin miniatures of Gnomes are the perfect party to learn how to play! They are quite good in close combat, shoot well and are stunning mages. Thanks to the rulebook you will create and thoroughly equip your party, and of course learn the rules of the game. Three card supplements hide special quests, magical items and game locations. In addition, you’ll find there two resin miniatures connected with the effect of two magic cards, Hidden Counters, Death Counters and Loot Counters.

Here you can get the “Start to play Gnomes” set

And here you can read about Gnomes

(ARGATORIA) Ropuchons Golden Guard – a new unit for the Arox army

Ropuchons Golden Guards for Argatoria are available now!
Original Ropuchons were created by Marek Rurarz, and the Golden Guard version was designed and sculpted by Tetyana Orlovska who used his previous miniatures.

Ropuchons are lazy warriors by nature, so during battles they usually take attacks instead of attacking. The most warlike and brutal of the Ropuchons are assigned to the Golden Guard. They keep an eye on the most important temples, serve to protect priests, and when there is no danger, they lazily bask in the sun…

(UMBRA TURRIS) Our idea for a new dark fantasy terrain set

We started this project of trees some time ago, but now we plan to return to it, as we’re preparing the terrain set called “Haunted Graveyard” dedicated to Umbra Turris and other fantasy games. The set includes trees, Stone Fences and tombstones that will be made by Tetyana Orlovska. Another set that we plan to release is “Ancient District”.

(ARGATORIA) Work in progress: Elephanton for Barbarian armies

Here is a war Elephanton who will join Dirandis and Vaendral tribes. We still have to make tusks and a howdah in which he will carry warriors. During sculpting, we were inspired by the anatomy of a mammoth and an ordinary elephant. He also received slightly different ears. In the picture you can see how it looks next to little Amazons, a Giant and a Ropuchon.

(UMBRA TURRIS) New series of fantasy buildings – See the first work in progress!

We started working on a series of 28mm scale fantasy buildings dedicated to Umbra Turris Skirmish Game, but obviously, they will be great for many other fantasy tabletop and miniature games.

The highest house will be 2 or 3 floors high and each level will differ from the previous one a little. This version of fantasy house will be very simple, possibly with some subtle decorations. If we make projects like this in the future, some of them will be surely more decorative.

(GENERAL) First card game in the Umbra Turris Universe

Photo of the finished game in English and Polish

If you’re up to date with our fanpage, Instagram or Twitter then you know that our first card game set in the Umbra Turris universe has just been released! It tells a story about a group of Dyniaqs who collect Cucurbits, trade and fight,  hiding from the Crows and Hohole. A simple, fast and exciting game that you can play with your family and friends!

Test cards. From the left: Pumpkin, Courgette, Hohole and the preliminary design of the back of the cards.

Making of this game was exciting, but it also consumed a lot of our time and energy, because many things were very new to us. Working on the miniatures and wargames is different from working on board games. Initially, we set the release date for Halloween 2019, because work began on August 10, but eventually we managed to finish this project very quickly and so the game went on sale on October 1. That is why our projects related to Argatoria and Umbra Turris had to wait (although we were sculpting something in our free time). The rules for the game were written in two days, which we found quite strange, so we purchased many board games to make a comparison. To our surprise, the game works better than some games on the market. We gave it to our friends because we still didn’t believe it was possible. When everyone said: “Cool”, “Cool”, “We like”, we thought that maybe our many years of experience with wargames worked. However, we know that you will rate this game best. Interestingly, the graphic design of the game also went smoothly, similarly to the proofs, which is why our suspicions were still growing – why is everything going so easily? You must know that when creating Umbra Turris, trouble has been always our most loyal companion. When we submitted the project for printing, our fears grew, because the problem could be very expensive at that moment. Opening the boxes with printouts was so stressful that they were torn apart rather than unpacked.

In fact, we didn’t find anything that went wrong. A small detail in the Polish version was the only mistake that many will not even notice (now you will search for it, won’t you?). And so, thanks to some blissful Dyniaq deities, the game was created, and we’re glad we made it.

Now we have many ideas for various fantasy board games embedded in the world of Umbra Turris. Whether it goes so easily with them, it remains to be seen. We will be grateful for every e-mail in which you describe your game experience. We are now returning to work on Argatoria and miniatures for the Umbra Turris universe.


Spellcrow Design Team