Fures (Merchants Guild)

Except for the Beggars Guild, Fures, also known as the Merchants Guild, is believed to be one of the oldest organisations in the world, dating back to the building of Umbra Turris. In the guild’s early days, its founders were occupied with smuggling, theft, slavery, and trading forbidden goods. Although Fures had big ambitions to become a dominant power on the grey market, due to the conflict between the council members, this dream was never fulfilled. The void in the business world led to the emergence of other guilds and associations. Although Fures withstood numerous attempts of losing the market to its enemies, the real blow came with the Thieves Guild known as ‘Vulgari’ which arrived from the land of Istania. As a result, the Merchants Guild began losing its income from theft to the new (and professional) organisation. The split was inevitable. Many members, determined to strengthen their position in trade, left Fures to learn from the best. 

To this day the Merchants Guild struggles to impose control and fees on new organisations which populate the market day by day. The greatest challenge Fures currently has to cope with are dwarven gold traders, well-organised groups of halfling corpse traders, and free associations of courtesans.