Undorh is a wild and vast area full of forests between which the subjects of the great leader and king of this land hid their settlements. Their thunderous chants echo through the surrounding areas, full of wild animals and mysterious creatures that fill their tales, often becoming the target of rituals and religious cults.

For centuries, the sons of Undorh have worshipped several gods, personifying strength and valour, which are the best weapons of any warrior in times of war. One of the worshippers is Grom, the god of the Northern Dwarves, who, as it is recorded, married Bianna, the beautiful and valiant goddess, patroness of the Undorh Vestals. From the union of Grom and Bianna, Olhan was born, a god known all over the world who patronises hunting. However, the oldest and most valued god of the Undorh is Ern, who appears to the bravest of warriors in the guise of a deer-horned shaman. Old engravings from the Grottoes of Uelde depict Ern defeating the fallen god Tarian and his host of demonic servants with his mighty sword.

Those who have met the inhabitants of Undorh know that they are truly unrepentant warriors who, with their great weapons, cut their way not only through forests, but also through those who stand in the way of them and their gods.

The great leader, known as the Heir of Gael, wielding the monstrous barbarian sword Domman and the eagle banner, is the lord of life, forest and legends. Sitting on his golden throne, he watches with a stern gaze at the lands that are under his control, which are increasingly desecrated by the dark chapels of the god Nathel, the great traitor of Sheol-morg.

The harsh times that have come keep the castle leaders always ready to fight, while druids and fortune-tellers constantly read the signs of the forest to warn in time of what is soon to come…