(UMBRA TURRIS) Start to play Northern Dwarves

Northern Dwarves
They are tough, stubborn and ready to defeat every enemy that get in their way! Six resin miniatures of Northern Dwarves are the perfect party to learn how to play Umbra Turris.

Start to play Northern Dwarves

This is the starter set for one player, who wants to play skirmishes in Umbra Turris game. Northern Dwarves set is a great party to begin – they are very strong and tough in close combat. Thanks to the rulebook you will create and thoroughly equip your party, and learn the rules of the game. Three card supplements hide special quests, magical items and game locations. In addition, you’ll find there two resin miniatures, Hidden Counters, Death Counters and Loot Counters.

1 Rulebook
6 Resin miniatures
1 Magic supplement
1 Quest supplement
1 Terrain supplement

(UMBRA TURRIS) Fantasy house in progress

More walls to our fantasy house have been added. In the picture you can see it assembled. There is still much work to do, but the building promises to be interesting. It has no decorations at the moment but they will be added as well. The house is fully handmade by Kamil Kopczyński.