Knowledge of the world

About faith

Amongst many gods worshipped by the peoples of the Ancient Lands, there are few whose names are invoked particularly often. These are the figures that played a crucial part in the forming of the world and gave birth to the races that now inhabit it. Their worshippers claim that they are the main force responsible for many good and bad events that have happened since the dawn of time. […] Read more >>>

About magic

An ordinary farmer whose daily life revolves around seasons of the year, tending the stock, and collecting crops, thinks of magic as a twisted and whimsical art. Scholars, on the other hand, treat it like a set of laws and logical connections – a science standing in proximity to mathematics rather than pure sorcery. But as much as the magic is logical, it is also unforgivable. […] Read more >>>

About coinage

Despite differences between people hailing from various towns and countries of the Ancient Lands, they all have one thing in common – a coinage. The origins of the law which introduced common coins can be traced back to the times when Humans were the dominant race in the world. […] Read more >>>