(UMBRA TURRIS) Haunted Moor Supplement is out now!

“If you survive the journey through the Illusive Wetlands, you will reach a quiet settlement lost in deadly silence. Its inhabitants may look at you with a blank stare, and you will probably shiver. Do not be afraid right now, the time will come… Welcome to Haunted Moor.

In the dreary songs of the old hags, Haunted Moor is a place where death becomes the gateway to a new life. Those who came there know that it is much worse…”

We present another great supplement to Umbra Turris. What secrets hides this strange place, it will be easier for you to understand when you open this box.

Welcome to Haunted Moor!


  • 4 cards (2 Terrain Cards and 2 Magical Items)
  • 5 resin undead inhabitants of the Mossrel village
  • Brochure with the history of Haunted Moor and tactical tips!You can get this supplement here

(ARGATORIA) First four races in Argatoria Battle Game

Meet first four races that you can command in the Argatoria Battle Game. Each of them has its own unique abilities and access to special units. Armies have different schemes, which is why Arox and Sorgax will be completely different. Similarly with Dirandis and Vaendral, so it is worth considering well which army you will command in the endless fields of Argatoria.

(ARGATORIA) Further game tests

During the weekend, we hosted Miloš and Ignacy from The Node, who tested the Argatoria rules. Another version of the rules was tested with the dynamic activation of units, a new test of Cold Blood and an extraordinary fall back solution. There were many interesting conversations and we definitely have to do such meetings more often.

Last week was almost all about working on the rules! That’s why anyone who volunteered for testing will receive a PDF file this week.