(ARGATORIA) Voutar pencil sketch

Voutars are a very unusual type of trolls that inhabit rock caves and dense, dark forests. They are extremely aggressive and intelligent for trolls. They have very sensitive senses, which means that catching a Voutar in an ambush or surprising him is almost impossible. They can build simple weapons, and they use stone axes most efficiently. Their gray-blue fur allows them to camouflage perfectly in the midst of the mountainous backlands. They are inseparable companions of the savage and warlike tribe of the Vaendral barbarians.

The premiere of the Argatoria wargame in October! 🔥

(ARGATORIA) We know the premiere date of Argatoria!

Horde Colours: Miniature Painting Supplement

The premiere of the new wargame Argatoria set in the barbarian world is October 2020! 🔥 Along with the rulebooks, we will give you army boxes for all factions. In August you will receive the miniature painting supplement “Horde Colours”. You will find their colour schemes for all armies in Argatoria and painting tips.

We wanted to announce the release date in May, but unfortunately due to the COVID 19 outbreak, the date has been moved and so we are announcing the premiere today.

(UMBRA TURRIS) Mechanical Golem – View of the front

Here’s what the Mechanical Golem looks like from the front after assembling. One of Golem’s hands is for drilling and the other for grasping, crushing and removing obstacles. Golem’s eyes serve as two large visors for the Gnome sitting inside, who operates this solid machine using various buttons, knobs, as well as using his knowledge of Gnomechanics. As the Golem walks, you can hear the ticking of clocks, the grinding of gears and the rumble of various bizarre mechanisms, and from the chimney reminiscent of a cigar come puffs of bursting steam…