Artivo (Artisans Guild)

Although members of the Artivo guild do not possess the temper of warriors, they proved to be capable of fighting for their every penny like enraged Minotaurs. History remembers the great war the artisans waged against a proud guild of artists and hedonists. […] Read more >>>

Centurium (Mercenaries Guild)

(this page is in translation)

Fures (Merchants Guild)

Except for the Beggars Guild, Fures, also known as the Merchants Guild, is believed to be one of the oldest organisations in the world, dating back to the building of Umbra Turris. In the guild’s early days, its founders were occupied with smuggling, theft, slavery, and trading forbidden goods. […] Read more >>>

Mendis (Beggars Guild)

Although many members of Mendis do not resemble real warriors, the guild is considered to be the most warrior-like amongst all. Some say the reason behind this is that the council of the Beggars Guild consists of the most fierce and determined people, who managed to overcome numerous challenges which stood on their path to power. […] Read more >>>

Nemrod (Trackers Guild)

To become a part of Nemrod, also known as the Trackers Guild, one does not only have to know how to survive in the wilds or use a bow but also have to share a common vision about the world, politics, and the gods. […] Read more >>>

Tormentio (Assassins Guild)

Tormentio is one of the most mysterious and unpredictable organisations whose motifs and endeavours strike fear into the hearts of members of other guilds in the world. […] Read more >>>

Vulgari (Thieves Guild)

It is widely known that the Vulgari guild is in possession of great riches. Not many realise, however, what is the scope of their work. The guild can handle petty thefts as well as spectacular ones, like stealing the massive pedestal from Temple of Nemetris. […] Read more >>>

Zankh (Mages Guild)

Members of the guild of Zankh have access to numerous libraries which store volumes, scrolls, and parchments filled with arcane knowledge. They are also allowed to study at schools and universities of magic being the doors to unlimited power. […] Read more >>>