Morten is a shadow of its former power, the place where the Human race grew in strength and lost it. Anyone who comes to Morten today can still see the power of this land, as the enormous towns and castles, although partly ruined and often abandoned, are impressive. Nowhere else in the world have cities been so vast and soaring, adorned with many ornaments, statues, sizable arches and stained glass windows. The great markets attracted merchants from all over the world, and thieves and scoundrels were likewise numerous. Trade attracted many nonhumans who could easily gain fame and wealth in this land.

The largest cities, such as Bordenn, Nantes, Atha Morvan and the great Grim City called Umbra Turris, are still powerful, bustling places today, but their shadows hide things that every traveller tries to avoid.

The haunted ruins of Morron, a city that had suffered centuries ago by the great invasion, today is a place eternally hidden in the fog, where the singing of birds has been replaced by the wailing of tormented souls. Cavalion, untouched but completely deserted by the great plague, is today a place where there is no life, although strange prayers and chants can be heard at night. Ravenwald, founded by monks from Boria, which for centuries was the largest concentration of cathedrals, today is owned by the prince of the Katakhanes family of Vartevia, who, as they say, is the cruelest of Vartevian vampires.

Several very important trade routes run through the Morten area, which have caused that the cities around them provide relative prosperity, but the further away from them, the greater the chance that the town or village is a dark cluster of poor houses and huts, in which mysterious rituals have replaced the old prayers.

Currently, Morten is a land visited by many adventurers, tempted by the easy loot hidden in crypts, ruins of cathedrals and castles, which, in addition to old artifacts and magical books, offer a chance to gain fame among adventurers. Many of them compete with each other in searches and fights to become the legendary heroes. Their history will be described forever by the bards of Umbra Turris.