Mendis (Beggars Guild)

Although many members of Mendis do not resemble real warriors, the guild is considered to be the most warrior-like amongst all. Some say the reason behind this is that the council of the Beggars Guild consists of the most fierce and determined people, who managed to overcome numerous challenges which stood on their path to power. The reward, however, was certainly worth their sacrifice. Although members of the guild council, also called Masters of Poverty, are obliged to wear rags and eat food scraps just like normal beggars, in truth, they are swimming in gold. Everyone who belongs to Mendis can rise in its enormously large hierarchy, gain respect and the right to beg in the wealthiest districts. The young and old, the cripple and healthy – everyone can join the guild, which takes great care of its members. The pay for this privilege, however, is the utter devotion to Mendis. Even the infamous council of Tormentio takes into account the requests and demands of the Beggars Guild, knowing that the strength of the poor lies in their number, and it is still growing.

The leaders of Mendis keep their eyes on the Merchants Guild and the Thieves Guild, thinking of them as potential allies or tools. And if some of their members happen to end up on the streets and become criminals, the Beggars Guild are ready to welcome them with open hands. Although they end up as lowlifes destined to spend the rest of their lives clothed in rags, eating scraps, and begging for alms, such ‘survivors’ cannot forget the gift Mendis gave them. A gift that no one would refuse. A gift of life.