Morgue is the Lady of Secrets, mysterious, superior, and proud, eyes of whom are concealed by the dark. Among all gods and goddesses, she is one of the most enigmatic because her goals are known only to the most faithful priests, and the chosen who were lucky enough to get to know another dimension. Prayer, meditation, and self-discipline open the gates of consciousness, which allows them to reach a higher level of understanding the surrounding world. The Lady of Secrets reveals the truth about the world, however, not everyone is ready for it and thus so few know about it. Many go crazy, some set off to live a life of solitaries, others roam the world, trying to scream what they saw to the unreasoning rabble.

There are also those who took a stab at making the changes in an organised, deliberate way. Those are the Orders and their masters who know that the world is not prepared to know the truths. Thus, they conduct their secret missions and, reading the signs, realise what has been written, being the moving spirit of many crucial events. There are places, which need to be absolutely guarded, and places that should be swept away, there are good creatures that need to suffer death and evil ones that need to last. The world is the battlefield of many powers, and any imbalance always causes a tragedy. This is why, for some people, the followers of Morgue act in an unclear way, spilling the blood of the innocent and confederating with the contemptible. Nevertheless, they don’t know that everything has been written by the same hand – everything serves one purpose.

Morgue has shrines but virtually all of them are something more than only a place for prayers. Frequently, they are portals, remnants of something, which not many dare to ask about, bizarre sculpts of creatures, clusters of mighty forces, energetic veins, and slabs with primaeval signs.

Morgue is a black lady, ghostly and, at the same time, noble, good but relentless, she steps proudly, ignoring other gods. In our dreams, she shows something that we want to forget about, she screams from the throats of the lunatics and gifts with disturbing visions. To know the truth, you need to awaken from the dream of life… because in the mad world, being normal is the biggest madness.