Altharion is professed in many parts of the world as the god patronising the honesty and steely struggle against evil. His symbols are a sword and a book, which signify fight and consciousness. The protagonists of his words, who are predominantly the battle priests, teach that gaining knowledge doesn’t allow to be ignorant and only the struggle in the name of everlasting laws can lead to balance and order in the world. He has many believers among witch hunters, demons, and beasts. They guard and look after the Altharion’s temples, making them not only a place of obeisance or pilgrimages but also training chapels and strongholds. In some regions of the world, Altharion is considered the brother of Talion, from whom he had been to receive the sword of light after helping him in the fight against the god of lies, Nathel. Also, the goddess of secrets, Morgue, is well-disposed to Altharion, and in Boria, she is considered his be’shert.