Zankh (Mages Guild)

Members of the guild of Zankh have access to numerous libraries which store volumes, scrolls, and parchments filled with arcane knowledge. They are also allowed to study at schools and universities of magic being the doors to unlimited power. Even though Zankh does not demand from their members to make pacts with demons, students of the arcane arts have to conduct experiments and write formulas for the good of the organisation and other novices. During the day and night, wizards and students alike walk through the imposing halls of the Mages Guild, grasping infinite knowledge of magical spells, potions, and curious creatures. Streets and town squares in the proximity of such buildings often rock on their foundations and are brightened by powerful discharges and explosions of pure energy.

The largest schools of Zankh in Umbra Turris bring together mages from across the world. This is why the guild usually takes control of multiple nieghbourhoods where the wizards are free to live and experiment. Such districts vary depending on the domain of magic to which the wizards belong. Zankh is governed rather chaotically, but this irregularity in the management helps it develop and gain recognition, hence few meddle with its affairs and inner politics.