Amongst all the beasts in the world, Minotaurs are considered to be the most intelligent. Sometimes, however, they use the blessing of their mind to destroy or do wrong. There are tales and records saying that they exceeded in cruelty even the four-handed Voro-dans who have a particular fondness for pain and death. Mighty lords and cunning warlocks of the South, aware of the power of the Minotaurs, attempted to bargain with them, but the beasts did not accept any authority. They usually travel alone, searching for ancient tunnels and labyrinths across the remote lands of Voro-dan and Reptoss. It is said that they search there for curious signs of the old gods. According to legends, these symbols are known as the ‘Runes of Time’ which describe the events that are yet to happen. It remains unknown, however, why the race of these enormous beasts so eagerly attempts to learn these secrets. During such endeavours most of the Minotaurs descend into madness and fury. And if the insanity falls upon them within the old dungeons and labyrinths, they remain there forever as their silent guardians, ready to unleash their rage on whoever crosses their path.

There are some Minotaurs, however, who are not interested in looking for answers to the ancient secrets, and as a result, they resist the madness. Within this group, some wage endless wars with the dragons from Sardraq serving the masters of Sheol-morg, or work as mercenaries for thugs and murderers. It is not known, however, if amongst them are those who managed to fight off the madness or simply became bloodthirsty monsters. This group of Minotaurs can be recognised by their peculiar tattoos, amulets, armour fragments, and ornaments covered with mysterious symbols. Scholars believe that these outfit elements appear to protect them from fury and catatonia.

Such trinkets attracted a great number of collectors, mages, and traders alike, who think of them as the mysterious Runes of Time. In recent years many of them find their way to the rich Sheikh-Amans from Al-dugbar whose astro mystics are said to create entire maps of the skies and other dimensions. The mages and prelates from Boria consequently undermine such daring gossip. Everyone who has anything to say on this matter tends to question long and painfully.Nobody exactly knows how many Minotaurs are in the world. On the contrary to other beasts, they are said to be existing rather than being born. Many bestiaries suggest that the cradle of the species lies somewhere in the Minotaur Mountains. It remains unknown, however, whether the race is the result of dark spells or the members are just dwarfed scions of some ancient and powerful entities. What is known for sure is that by looking at the Minotaurs’ eyes, one may find not a monster but a conscious, intelligent being and this poses even more gossip and questions. Many mages and scholars alike hailing from the Ancient Lands, Asuria, and beyond ponder on why many cults of the Hellers adorn their altars with Minotaur heads. They also ask why the symbols found on the beasts’ clothes and trinkets resemble star constellations. And why the mighty Boria trembles before the coming of the Horned Shepherd. These are the questions that to this day remain unanswered.