Nemrod (Trackers Guild)

To become a part of Nemrod, also known as the Trackers Guild, one does not only have to know how to survive in the wilds or use a bow but also have to share a common vision about the world, politics, and the gods.

Nemrod resembles more of an elite organisation rather than a typical brotherhood. Everyone who is in possession of the guild’s seal can always count on the help of those bound by the oath. They can also make use of secret routes and stashes, as well as ancient artefacts hidden in the sacred places known only to the members of Nemrod. Those who wish to join the ranks of the Trackers Guild have to prove their skill in a number of abilities, including using a bow, tracking, and spotting danger long before others do. Newcomers are also getting acquainted with the hunters’ secret language and mystical signs, which allow them to advance in the hierarchy of Nemrod. Once their training is complete, they are ready to carry out the guild’s goals and lend their skills to those in need of them.