(ARGATORIA) Forgon Crests and Giveaway

This week we received the first Forgons from the foundry. In the photo you can see their large crest, which is a characteristic element of these creatures. Who wants to face the challenge of painting the Forgon in 10 mm scale, may join our Facebook giveaway!

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In this photo you can see the second version of the crest, which is not fully unfolded.

(ARGATORIA) Work in progress: Forgon

Here is another almost finished unit for Argatoria Battle Game. This creature is called Forgon and it belongs to the reptilian armies – Arox and Sorgax. In addition to what you see in the picture, Forgon has a characteristic element that we will show you later this week!

(ARGATORIA) New miniature for the Vaendral army

Sozruits are starving madmen who roam the battlefields, relishing the bodies of the fallen. Sozruit’s skin is decorated with tattoos and studs stuck in the body. They make their weapons from the bones of defeated enemies.

Sozruits fight with the barbarian Vaendral army!  The Sozruit shown in the picture is 10 mm tall and was made for Argatoria Battle Game.