(UMBRA TURRIS) The one who spreads death and plagues… Plaguebringer

“Darkness has left its wandering guardians in the dark woods, who spread not only plagues, but also fear.

Scholars call them the Plaguebringers, but in the books they are also called the Children of Duur. They are warped, born of carrion and suffering, creatures that only the most crazy and corrupt mages can rule. Even the stench of a rotten body and its grotesque shapes nauseate, but the power of this creature has been arousing fear for many centuries. Many blame them for the plagues that led to the deaths of many villages, and even cities, where they hid in abandoned huts or canals. Their stench can be felt from many kilometres and, although extremely intense, does not make it easier to find and burn them, which guarantees the destruction of the Plaguebringer.
He wanders at night in search of a new place that will slowly die.”

This month… the rules for Beasts!

(UMBRA TURRIS) Sketches of the upcoming fantasy tower

At the beginning of this year Kamil started working on a new fantasy tower in 28mm scale. In the above picture you can see his concept sketches.

A couple of days ago we received these finished pieces of the fantasy tower. All parts are handmade from different materials and each part is two-sided, so you will be able to assemble the tower as you like. In the picture below you can see the assembled pieces and imagine how the tower will look from one side.

The tower will be on sale from next Wednesday!

(UMBRA TURRIS) Weekly Overview: Half-giant with Black Powder Gun & Merchant’s House

In SPELLCROW we’re trying out a new Weekly Overview series on YouTube, where you will be able to see and listen about our new releases and other stuff we released recently. We invite you to watch our first video, where Tetyana showcases the Merchant’s House and the Half-giant with Black Powder Gun.

Watch now on YouTube

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(UMBRA TURRIS) The first cover of “Beasts. Part 1”

Werewolves, Dryads, Sasquatches and many more extraordinary creatures in “Beasts. Part 1”, the supplement for Umbra Turris Skirmish Game! Today we are showing you the cover of the supplement, which will give you a chance to experience even more exciting skirmishes. We hope you like the cover 🙂

The supplement will be out this month!

(UMBRA TURRIS) New fantasy terrain: Merchant’s House!

Our first fantasy house dedicated to Umbra Turris – Merchant’s House – is out now! It was designed and sculpted by Kamil Kopczyński and of course it’s another fully handmade piece. All parts are high quality resin casts, which require assembling, cleaning and painting.

Scale: 28mm
Height: 100mm
Length: 90mm
Width: 70mm

Set contains 4 stone walls, 4 pieces of the roof and 2 pieces that go under the roof, 5 two-sided windows / shutters, a door and a chimney to assemble the Merchant’s House. Apart from the house, this set includes a box full of fish and a barrel. Hope you like it!

(UMBRA TURRIS) Umbra Turris game shows near you!

This year in many different cities and towns you will have a chance to see the game shows of the Umbra Turris Skirmish Game. Our Crusaders will show you the miniatures, explain the rules, and – most importantly – you will be able to play with other gamers!

All information about the upcoming events will be published earlier at our website and through the social media. We hope you will join us! Recently Dave showed off the models for Umbra Turris in The Tabletop Warriors Club. Soon you will be able to meet Dave, talk about the game and play. We should give you more information about the exact date of the meeting within next few days. Our other Crusaders are preparing for meetings with you as well, so it promises to be a lot of nice fun and gaming!

(UMBRA TURRIS) First concept sketch of the upcoming Werewolves models

Recently we showed you the sketches of a few Werewolves made by Tommaso. Today you can see the finished sketch to the “Beasts. Part 1” supplement that will be released this month. We also received a draft of the new Minotaurs. This means that shortly, the Minotaur from our website will be replaced by a new version. Some models of beasts like Trolls or Minotaurs will get much bigger!

(UMBRA TURRIS) New Half-giant shooter on the way!

In the picture you can see the second version of the new Half-giant. He carries a massive black powder gun, but this is not the only weapon that you can choose! In the box you will also find an alternative option for him: a hammer and a shield (see photo below). This model will go on sale next week.