Every strip of green meadow, a tree, or the woods conceals the energy, which emanates on the surrounding beings, even when they aren’t aware of it. Some call it a soul of nature, a mysterious, primaeval power, which shows its might by transfiguring, and sometimes destrouing to rebuild again. Nature is perpetually changing, but it’s governed by certain principles, which, even if they’re not understandable for ordinary mortals, have to be accepted.

Amidst this rabblement and deceptive chaos, in the darkness of the grim woods, meditates the Lord of the Wilderness, Ern, the peace of whom evens the destructiveness of nature. He is its deific manifestation, the one who protects the greenery and creatures from the influence of the dark powers. This struggle is hard and can end in failure. Evil is getting stronger, morphing animals into bloody and unreasoning beasts, and the trees and plants into caricatural creatures devoid of the energy of nature, the only purpose of which is sowing death.

However, in this fight, Ern is not alone, for in many parts of the world he has zealous believers who every day build new temples and fight evil. In the woods or on the fields, it is common to encounter gigantic Menhirs with numinous runes, which are his virtually indestructible chapels.