Vulgari (Thieves Guild)

It is widely known that the Vulgari guild is in possession of great riches. Not many realise, however, what is the scope of their work. The guild can handle petty thefts as well as spectacular ones, like stealing the massive pedestal from Temple of Nemetris. If there is a coin, nothing can stand between the Thieves Guild and their target. Despite their strict rules, many of its members continue to work in the areas that are officially under the ‘protection’ of Vulgari, looting, stealing and avoiding the fees imposed by the organisation. And if such a renegade is caught, cutting their palm in return is often considered as mercy.Due to their constant conflict with the law, members of the Thieves Guild do not take lavish and conspicuous buildings for their headquarters. Instead, they choose hideouts within brothels and near marketplaces, which create natural and often lucrative opportunities for the thieves. There is a specific code to which members of Vulgari have to adhere. One of the most important rules prohibits stealing or plotting against other guild members. The third commandment, however, says: ‘Thou shalt steal small by day and by night, but loot and rob big only after the Master of Pouches allows it’.