(UMBRA TURRIS) Advanced Rulebook 2019

Too late for hope. Darkness is coming…”

The slightly revised new Umbra Turris rulebook in English will be available soon. Today we’re showing you a new cover made by Nicolas Amoroso and Natalia Szrama. Tetyana Orlovska and Chaz Elliot worked on proofreading and edition. Despite previous announcements, the rulebook will remain black and white, as well as other publications. With the release of the new rulebook version, comes out a new supplement: Haunted Moor. Work on the Polish version of the rules will begin after the English version is released. All language versions will be available in free PDFs and the English one will be on sale in the hardcover.

(ARGATORIA) First game tests

“Gods desired blood without paying attention to our sacrifices and prayers. The sky covered the darkness and the lightning ripped them over and over again, showing the great armies of Reptilians marching through the lands that don’t belong to them. Time to show them that our anger is no less than the gods. Sons and daughters of Argatoria! Float in the blood of our enemies, may your blades know no mercy, may the beans coming from Reptoss again decorate our villages!

This is the time of blood, time of war, time of Argatoria!!!”

During our Friday Challenge Day, we played a match for our new game – Argatoria. Testing the rules came out pretty good, and the 10mm scale models looked very interesting. We can’t wait to paint the armies! We have to refine disengaging from combat and escape, but the combat and movement itself make a really good impression. If you want to test the game with us, please email us. The most determined and willing will receive a small army for testing. The condition for participation in the tests will be painting the army!

(UMBRA TURRIS) Game cards gained a new look!

A new print of cards has just arrived! We boosted them a lot as shown in the picture. The backs of the cards have been varied, and the appearance of the Quest cards has also changed significantly. Now we’re waiting for the packages, in which the card sets will be released. The sets are: Quest, Magic and Terrain. Except for cards, in each of them you will find interesting add-ons. The Quest set contains additional Hidden and Death Counters. The Magic set contains creatures from the cards: the Spawn of Magic and the Owl (cards: Stray and Owl of Autumne). The Terrain set contains 6 Loot Counters. We are also preparing a new cards supplement – with new locations and magical items.
At the moment card sets are available only in English.

(UMBRA TURRIS) New supplement in Polish – Enter the Secret Garden

Long-awaited, long-created, but finally there is! The first supplement to the Umbra Turris game tells the story of a mysterious Dyniaq race, otherwise known as Pumpkinheads, which roam the world by fulfilling secret missions for its great ruler Qabak. They arouse anxiety and terror in the inhabitants of the Ancient Lands, becoming an enemy at Boria or an object of worship at Undorh. What the Secret Garden is, where Thalbien grow and what is Matermagic, you will learn from this supplement. Have a nice read!

English translation in progress.

You will find the Polish supplement in the Download tab.

Number of pages – 32

Form – Free PDF (until printing)

(ARGATORIA) Rulebook cover and update

Works on the rulebook have moved forward, and thus on its cover. It shows a great battle of Barbarians and Reptilians in close combat, fighting for domination. The rulebook will contain many illustrations showing the great wars and races from Argatoria, as well as the symbols of different clans.