Elves are considered to be a mysterious and peaceful race that doesn’t engage in open wars and conflicts. They value stability and honour, which has been cultivated for many generations. However, like the High Elves or Dark Elves of Sarhea, they can show aggression and bravery in which, like all Elves, they hold their ground, but only Greenskins may go up against them. In times of dark prehistory, Elves accompanied Humans from the central lands and served them as a submissive race of hunters […] Read more >>>

Dark Elves

The companionless army was in the unknown areas, more and more often attacked by small groups of Greenskins and wild tribes of Humans. Messengers sent with a request for help never came back, and deprived of supplies and support, the army was exposed to constant attacks. […] Read more >>>


Goblins are a race famous for its cunning, which often allowed to survive difficult times and defeat enemies. Their first allies were the Orcs, who are considered to be their older cousins, but looking at the appearance and the different characters of both races, kinship is far away. […] Read more >>>


The origins of this race were noted in ancient times when none of the races was considered civilised. Orcs are a strong and aggressive race that began building its empire in the far north of the Ugruk-hor land. […] Read more >>>


Many centuries have passed since the Dwarves race came from far northern lands. They lived there divided into tribes, which shared their struggle with an unfavourable climate, full of snow and icy winds. […] Read more >>>


Humans are the oldest race, which, as the legends say, was wandering through the lands with enormous beasts, which they primarily considered their deities. The innate aggression has brought this race to the brink of extinction many times, but the determination helped them survive and build large empires. […] Read more >>>


Krótkins are an Elves related race, however, it is much smaller and more cheerful. Colloquially, other races call them Halflings. Their kingdom is known as Bute, a land hidden among the northern parts of Autumne Forest, but very often you can meet them in many cities and villages around the world. […] Read more >>>


Born of darkness, hatred, and unsuccessful warlocks’ spells, they took on a foul look, as befits the most zealous servants of darkness. Initially treated as a creature similar to the Spawn of Magic, they were considered harmless, and therefore their rotten souls could mature in the shadow of ignorance and insults. […] Read more >>>


Inhabitants of cities and villages are rarely aware that there are many huge underground corridors under their sunny and green lands, which illuminate the grace of the Blaze Crystals. In their light you can see low, stooped, dwarfed figures, constantly travelling between gigantic underground cities and settlements, which are the home of one of the oldest races – Gnomes. […] Read more >>>


Half-giants are not a common race, but there are regions such as Boria and Efrough where they are abundant and an integral part of the local community. They can also be found in regions where fighting takes place and where their stature and strength are an asset. However, they do not belong to the cunning races and avoid gangs of rogues or bandits, joining rather treasure hunters, witch hunters or wandering monks and priests. […] Read more >>>


In the southern forests of the Ancient Lands, one can meet a race that came from the East, and some of its representatives settled here for good. They live mostly in the cities of Istania and its forests, however, as travellers and pilgrims, they can be found all over the world. Through the races inhabiting the nearby lands they are called Tigerians, but they describe themselves as Tiheri. […] Read more >>>


Since ancient times, the central part of distant Argatoria covered with green hills and rocky cliffs are inhabited by tall, slender hunters whose muscular silhouettes and bird faces distinguish them from other wild people inhabiting these lands. […] Read more >>>

Dark Fauns

In the distant times, when the Human race openly opposed the rulers of Sheol-morg, they decided to recruit the most terrible beasts into their armies, so that they could finally defeat the tribes of the Ancient Lands. The dark apostles have been sent to various directions in the world to seek out the most terrifying races and recruit them to serve the foul land of Sheol-morg. […] Read more >>>


Notes about this race are laconic and hidden under a veil of funny stories and legends, but the true face of these creatures can be found in the books of the Halflings. Many centuries ago, in the halfling Book of Dreams, they were called Dyniaqs, beings from the dimension of sleep, which, thanks to mesmeric portals, enter our world to feed on our nightmares. […] Read more >>>

Giant Spiders

One believes that the origin of the Giant Spiders is in the Agalloch Forest. In its darkest places, there is a gigantic cavern, inhabited by Great-Mother Spideress. She is stuck there for thousands of years, whispering spells, which will help her survive the next thousands. […] Read more >>>


For centuries, Trolls have lived in various regions of the Ancient Lands, including Argatoria and the northern ridges of the Ugruk-hor peaks. Although these beasts tend to hide in old caves and forests, they try to remain as close as they can to the source of food. Provided they are fed regularly, Trolls can wreak terror and havoc in the area for hundreds of years. […] Read more >>>


Amongst all the beasts in the world, Minotaurs are considered to be the most intelligent. Sometimes, however, they use the blessing of their mind to destroy or do wrong. There are tales and records saying that they exceeded in cruelty even the four-handed Voro-dans who have a particular fondness for pain and death. […] Read more >>>