(UMBRA TURRIS) New miniature: Dark Faun with Axe

The next previously announced model of Dark Faun is out now! From today the previous versions of Half Giants and Dark Fauns are no longer available in our webstore, but you can purchase them by sending the Mail Order to this address: spellcrow@umbraturris.com. Please remember though, that the size of the previous, much smaller Dark Faun is compatible with the 2nd edition of Umbra Turris. In the latest 3rd edition Dark Fauns are a large race, that is why you can purchase the old model only through the Mail Order.
More new models of Dark Fauns and Half-giants at the beginning of 2020!

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(UMBRA TURRIS) New miniature: Half-giant with Horned Helmet

Half-giant assembled with a club

Recently we decided that we will be introducing new releases on Wednesday, which is why today you will find some cool new items in store! The first is the previously announced Half-giant. Other great releases of today are Dark Faun with Axe and Alien Breed Cocoons.

The Half-giant model is 50mm high, comes with a 35mm square base and alternative weaponry: shield and axe (photo below).

Half-giant assembled with a shield and an axe

(UMBRA TURRIS) Start to play Hobgoblins!

They crawl from caves, old burial mounds and cemeteries in the moonlight. They wander through forests and cities, hiding in its dark nooks. They trick the weak with promises, while the strong are eliminated by their insidious tricks. Hobgoblin hordes crawl out of the darkness and are at your command… 👹 Thanks to this set you will be able to lead your pack in Umbra Turris.

(UMBRA TURRIS) What does the Haunted Moor supplement contain?

“Discover the story of sinister places where death wanders after the twilight…” 🧟‍♀️

In the Haunted Moor supplement you will find 4 special cards for Umbra Turris Skirmish Game – two item and two terrain cards:

Plains of Morten – a terrifying place, thanks to which everytime you defeat the enemy, you can discover Loot;
Cursed Village – a place full of Undead Villagers;
Freshly Sharpened Blade – if you want to make your enemy die instantly, this card will be useful;
Nostroval Torch – nobody will take you from behind!

The supplement is available here to order