Vartevia is a land covered with mists and shaded by hills, with rivers meandering in the valleys, and villages persistently sticking to the slopes of the mountains. It is seemingly a dreamy and expressionless land, but everything changes with the sunset…

Illuminated by the moonlight, ghostly shapes begin to form, revealing the true face of Vartevia, where practically every scrap of it is strewn with cemeteries, graves and terrifying castles. The surrounding villages full of chapels and churches of old gods no longer provide any protection. The undead walk openly through the streets after their masters who have called them to eternal service. The terrified inhabitants can do nothing, because they are only the property of princes, whose bloody reign and dark desires are constantly depleting their population, driving them mad and insane.

Four great lands have fought against each other since the dawn of time, during which the old and degenerate families of Vampires swallow in the depths of bloody battles, gaining more influence day and night in the oldest Istvanes province. In the wildest and darkest wilderness of Astvas, vampires, wraiths, and other terrifying creatures persistently fight for their share of blood and murder. In the lonely Tirian, the largest concentration of people, the inhabitants are trying to face the great torrent of evil and darkness with the last of their strength, but no one knows on which side the fourth land will stand – the vast and mysterious Valhelia – the land of Werewolves.