In the southern forests of the Ancient Lands, one can meet a race that came from the East, and some of its representatives settled here for good. They live mostly in the cities of Istania and its forests, however, as travellers and pilgrims, they can be found all over the world. By the races inhabiting the nearby lands they are called Tigerians, but they describe themselves as Tiheri. Men are usually well-built and surpass the growth of Humans or Elves, and their tiger faces always arouse curiosity and interest of outsiders. Usually, their body covered with short bristles of bright colour is decorated with various necklaces, bracelets, and talismans, the meaning of which is unknown.

Although they are calm and steady by nature, they can – if forced – turn into a bloodthirsty beast in the blink of an eye. The beast whose enormity of fury is unstoppable. Some of those whose wildness is clearly apparent live among the woods, leading the fate of the solitaries or lords of the beast. There are also others called Nehari, about whom strange stories circulate. They are black like cloudless nights, and only their eyes shine with light when they travel at night through familiar paths that lead them to the secret meetings. Clad in black, sheer coats, with a characteristic weapon called Caliv, they do the job of the Hunters Clan

This mysterious quiet race came from distant lands of Azuria, and there, among its principalities, for centuries explored the secrets of many sciences, including medicine, martial arts, and espionage. In its capital called Tihun – the City of Three Apples – the most beautiful of the Tiheri women are admired by the people, still wandering by their Lord’s side, being his lovers and the best protectors at the same time.

Those who lost their honour or, because of their temperament, could not live in a world full of rules and orders, set out on a journey as “Exiled”, often finding recognition in the world for their beauty and charm. It is said that the most beautiful women of Istania are wild female cats, and there is not much exaggeration… The most famous house of pleasance in Umbra Turris is led by Tigerian Neri, a courtesan with literally divine beauty and shapes, whose shrine, as rumours say, is also an asylum of hunters and spies.

Most of the races living in the Ancient Lands live peacefully with the Tigerians, using their knowledge and friendly temperament. Tigerians above all value independence, which is why they choose free professions that allow them to travel and learn about the new lands. They always welcome friendlily their brothers, arriving at the legendary white merchant ships from Tihun, hosting them in port taverns and inns, and listening to news from their home country. However, amidst a thicket of forests and green lands, when the roar of the beast is heard and then the – accompanying it – tigerian one, the legends about their dual nature and concealed ferocity doesn’t seem much exaggerated…