Artivo (Artisans Guild)

Although Artivo doesn’t seem to be a warlike guild, it can take care of its business very efficiently. A great war passed into history, the war between the artisans and a fastuous guild of artists and hedonists who had considered the artisans smelly carriers of bricks. That conflict resulted in death of many canvas freaks who had died on the great council under their cathedral’s debris. The Artisans Guild rejected the slurs about it having something to do with the building’s collapse. From that moment, artists ceased creating a guild, meeting in small associations, which secretly scheme against Artivo.

The Artisans Guild it building its position very stably, trying not to engage in open conflicts. It often works with the great council of Umbra Turris, receiving lucrative jobs, thanks to which not many leave it, as it wouldn’t pay off. Other guilds also use its services, especially Zankh and Tormentio.