Bianna is, much like Talion, associated with the Solar energy but, as distinct from the god of light, she has no gift of healing or regaining vital powers. However, the goddess has an ability of vitalising, kindling the energy in a lifeless being, and presenting it with a gift of consciousness.

She is depicted as a wonderful, fulgent being with unimaginable beauty, the presence of which itself wakes life. She’s always surrounded by fulgent energy flakes, which dance around her in the rhythm of inaudible music, fading over every matter. She’s often called the Mother, the one who offers the greatest gift up, and thanks to whom everything that lives, had its wellspring. Many notes say that when Bianna was wandering through the wastes, where she was stamping, the grounds, plants, animals were coming to life, and every lifeless matter, which contained a sufficiently strong Solar element, were to be born soon.

Amidst many gods, Bianna is considered one of the most important, but there are also those who claim that her might is equal to the might of the god of the abyss. This goddess doesn’t have many temples, and her believers enigmatically explain the tenets of her cult. A lot of these tenets are concealed by a veil of mysteries and secrets. The notes about the goddess are imprecise and seem to keep some secrets uncovered on purpose. Some deem all this is to protect the goddess from the darkness, which is, day by day, swathing the world.