“Darkness has left its wandering guardians in the dark woods, who spread not only plagues, but also fear.

Scholars call them the Plaguebringers, but in the books they are also called the Children of Duur. They are warped, born of carrion and suffering, creatures that only the most crazy and corrupt mages can rule. Even the stench of a rotten body and its grotesque shapes nauseate, but the power of this creature has been arousing fear for many centuries. Many blame them for the plagues that led to the deaths of many villages, and even cities, where they hid in abandoned huts or canals. Their stench can be felt from many kilometres and, although extremely intense, does not make it easier to find and burn them, which guarantees the destruction of the Plaguebringer.
He wanders at night in search of a new place that will slowly die.”

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