Today I wanted to tell you about some of the 12 scenarios for Argatoria that you can find in Purple Warlock Issue 3. These scenarios allow for a completely new gameplay.

In my favourite scenario, “Matter of Honour“, the key thing is to choose the right Oaths that determine victory. You can decide that, for example, your goal will be to plant a banner in the opponent’s zone, defeat the enemy Mage, or hunt enemy beasts. Every Oath is worth its weight in gold here, because this is the only way you can get points… also Disgrace points if you don’t manage to complete it. 😉

In another scenario – “Glory” – your task is to make spectacular charges with an attached General or Champion to earn Glory Points. You can convert these points into attacks in battle, which can be very tempting, but remember – such Glory Points are lost, and only they count towards victory!

One of the most interesting and challenging scenarios is “The Great Adoration“. You earn Blood Points for defeating an enemy, but only with those units to which a Mage is attached. You must remember this while playing, because if you forget (in the frenzy of battle), your chance of victory may get much further away from you. Fortunately, despite the difficult scoring condition, all warriors in this scenario have a greater chance of having their prayers answered thanks to the overall Prayer Test bonus.

There are also many scenarios in which you can earn additional points in addition to the main objective, e.g. when your Mage is the first to make a successful ritual at the Altar on the battlefield, or when you are the first to completely destroy an enemy unit.

All this and much more awaits you in Purple Warlock Issue 3! The magazine is available in Polish and English, in printed version.

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