On Sunday, we visited Dębowa Tarcza Wargaming Club in Warsaw. We met many interesting people, we saw wonderful terrains and we played a skirmish in Umbra Turris. The Battle Square terrain card has been drawn, so we had one Loot. Halfling from the Pilgrims of Darkness party got there and, as a result of Loot Test, he came into possession of an interesting card. From that moment the fight was really fierce! Despite the quest with Vestal and Little Buddy, the skirmish ended spectacularly. Orc Headhunter performed the Precision Strike. As a result, he was able to deal a Critical Strike. The Headhunter’s rule is that if he brings the enemy to 0 Wounds, the opponent must immediately perform the Panic Test. With two 1s Emissaries of Tykatrion couldn’t make it. They ran far, far away, and the Pilgrims of Darkness celebrated until midnight. It was a great meeting, so we invite you to visit Dębowa Tarcza as well!

Klub Dębowa Tarcza
Staromiejski Dom Kultury
Rynek Starego Miasta 2
01-001 Warsaw

Their website: Dębowa Tarcza