We invite you on the Umbra Turris meeting that we called ‘Mystical Knowledge’. If you’re not from Poland, for more information please write to us: spellcrow@umbraturris.com.

The event will allow you to:

  • Learn how to play or just fight if you already know the rules of the game;
  • See how the new ‘Magic’ supplement looks and what’s inside;
  • See the fantastic greens from Raffaele Stumpo that he did for the Umbra Turris universe!
  • Meet other gamers and talk about Umbra Turris;
  • Each member of the event will receive a colourful map of the Umbra Turris world!

June 21 (Friday night);
Meet us at 5 PM (feel free to arrive by 9 PM). We’ll still be there, so even if you come for an hour, that will be great!

Paradox Cafe
ul. Anielewicza 2
Warsaw, Poland

Free entry!