Argatoria Wargame Release: Crushers on Scalyvars

Crushers are one of the best units in the Sorgax army. Armed with mighty hammers, clad in ornate armour, and mounting mythical creatures called Scalyvars. Sorgax warriors believe that these creatures come from the stars and are descendants of mythical demigod beasts. The majesty with which they walk causes fear in every enemy, and their piercing roar fills the hearts of Sorgax warriors with a will to fight. Here is one of those units that can tip the scales of victory.

Crushers on Scalyvars with their Moonhammers

Scalyvars are mostly reddish skin coloured and have a green or blue underbelly. There are darker ones, which are sometimes called nocturnal. Legends say that when the most starry night of the year comes, they gaze at the stars, listening to the whispers of their former masters. It is then that some individuals change their skin tone and gain extraordinary courage and insight, unusual for animals.

A fierce unit of Crushers is fighting the Vaendral Ravagers

The Crushers’ weapons are the terrifying Moonhammers that warriors place in the care of the Evening Priests. They look after the weapons by anointing them with holy water from the damp crypts, which causes the hammers to be covered with a mystical, greenish coating. Such a weapon can last for centuries, and none of the hammers has ever been damaged.

The premiere of Argatoria Wargame is planned for February (Polish rulebook) and April (English rulebook). In March, four army starters will be released. We invite you to check our Release Plan to keep up to date with all premieres. It is available both on UT Chronicles and it will be shortly available on as well.

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