On Friday, 12 May, a new set for the Sheol-morg army will be out – Horned Warriors Command Group 💀

We have to admit that the number of orders for the Sheol-morg Army Starters has overwhelmed us a little bit, which had a significant influence on a delay in releasing new units for Argatoria. Of course, we’re positively surprised and happy, but it means that we need to be better prepared for so many purchases. 😉

Fortunately, the situation is getting stabilised and next week, on 19 May, we hope to release Hybrids and Truhlaks on Fallen Ogars!

We also want to inform you that we’re on the home stretch with sculpting the Forest Dragon, and half-way through the second version of Trefloq. After many discussions, we came to conclusion that the previous version we’ve shown on Facebook a while ago, and the new one, the concept sketch of which you may find in Purple Warlock Issue 2, will be both available to buy. The first one will be known as “Trefloq Willow”, and the new one as “Trefloq Oak” 🌳

Regarding the Dark Fauns and Kozars Command Group, it will be out on spellcrow.com probably only in June. Some of you will be able to buy them earlier though, at Gladius and Kontrast conventions in Warsaw, Poland 💖