(ARGATORIA) Wolf Maiden illustration

New illustration for the Argatoria rulebook is ready.  It shows a Wolf Maiden from Dirandis tribe. Today we have started editing the text in the rulebook and soon we will begin translating it into English.

The illustration was made by Mateusz Dąbrowski

(ARGATORIA) Painting the Dirandis Barbarians – base colours

The next stage of painting Dirandis Barbarians. At this stage we were using Vallejo Model Color paints. We painted the sand with US Field Drab and made a drybrush with Dark Sand. We painted the edge of the stand with Golden Olive, but you have to lay it 3 times to cover the surface well. The skin was painted with Basic Skintone and the weapons with Black. Now we need to lay the base colours on the rest of the elements, such as furry tabards, hair and shoes.