(UMBRA TURRIS) Emissaries of Tykatrion have arrived!

Emissaries of Tykatrion are a group of unusual travellers who provide messages and unique artifacts to the lands of Humans and Dwarves. They are crossing many dangerous areas of Morten to reach the great Umbra Turris, where they search for ancient devices, ready to pay any price or even to fight for them.

Party Sheet for “Emissaries of Tykatrion” is available to download on the Downloads page.

(UMBRA TURRIS ) New miniatures of Hobgoblins

They come from the darkness…

New troops are arriving from the caves and dark depths of the earth. They are ruthless and ready to join your party, if you dare to lead them…

Dark Travellers are walking in front of them, lighting up the way with their terrifying lanterns.

Both groups of Hobgoblins are often accompanied by underground spawns and a huge amount of worms.