(ARGATORIA) The concept sketch of the Reptilian Shaman

The rulebook for Argatoria is enriched with new illustrations that are meant to bring you closer to the look and atmosphere of all races and tribes. This is the Reptilian Shaman. The Cyclops’ skull is one of the unique symbols of the Sorgax race. Next week, we will add tribe and race symbols to the rulebook.

The concept sketch was made by Tommaso Lucchetti 

(ARGATORIA) Arox Reptilians painted!

Here are the painted Reptilians from the Arox army. We have a few interesting observations about painting models in 10mm scale:

1. We paint them much faster than the 28mm scale.
2. Even making simple shading, the models look really amazing.
3. The more you paint, the larger they appear 🤔

What are your experiences with painting minis in small scales? Share your thoughts under our Facebook post.

(ARGATORIA) English Rulebook for Argatoria Battle Game in PDF

Argatoria beta rules available here

Today we are giving you the English rules for Argatoria Battle Game in the test version. Much will change in this rulebook in terms of both rules and illustrations. We’ll have to improve a lot, but we want you to be able to play. In May we will announce the release date of the game and any products that will be released for it, such as army deals and army starter sets. Soon we will create a group “Argatoria”, to which we will want to invite you 😉 

Enjoy reading and testing the rules!

Best Regards,
Spellcrow Team