(ARGATORIA) Sculpting first heroes

Sculpting models in a 10mm scale by hand is not the easiest thing to do. Each miniature must have a small Vaendral or Dirandis symbol. In the photo you can see one of the most completed models. Next week we’ll finish the models in the background and show you all of them.

(ARGATORIA) New illustration showing a battle between Vaendral and Sorgax armies

Vaendral Amazons supported by Half-giants are charging the great armies of Sorgax and their ruthless ally… a monstrous creature called Slagor

Here is a piece of the illustration made by Halil Ural for the Argatoria rulebook. It shows the great battle between the two armies – Vaendral and Sorgax. This and more fantastic illustrations will appear in the Argatoria rulebook very soon.

Read beta rules for Argatoria (PDF)