(ARGATORIA) Testers team complete!

We already have a nice team of gamers who volunteered to test the Argatoria game. Over 30 testers are a very good number, so now we can introduce rules and test them together. Those who have already played the first rules probably already know that the game has a very interesting mechanics. One of the most important rules is a dynamic activation. After winning the Initiative, the player rolls a d6 for his army, and the result tells him how many units he can activate. Let’s say that a player rolled 4 on a d6. This means that he can choose 4 units and activate them. Then his opponent rolls. The second player could get for example 2. This means that he can activate two units. This process continues until all units are activated. In Argatoria, you don’t wait for the opponent to make moves with the whole army – the game is dynamic! And thanks to the ability of Generals to issue orders, you have the chance to activate one selected unit again. It can surprise be very surprising!